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This is the name of a geographical region of the country which serves to designate a product as originating from that area, and whose quality or characteristics are due exclusively to the geographical environment, including both the natural and human factors involved. The general declarations of the protection of denominations of origin are issued by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF), and indicate both product and territory.

The Official Mexican Standards (NOM) are issued by the Ministry of the Economy and published in the DOF. These specify the raw material, manufacturing process and labeling, among others. The legend “100%” on the label indicates that the spirit is made exclusively with the raw materials specified. If this legend is not present, it is a mixed product that will contain other sugars in the percentage accepted by the NOM. With a diversified supply and consumption that will multiply the niche market for mezcals, we can increase the appreciation of mezcals and the landscapes and lives of the many communities that produce them.

The Lisbon Agreement of 1958 was made to adopt a common definition of the concept of denominations of origin and to create a union for their protection and international registration. According to the World Trade Organization, denominations of origin are located within a large group known as geographical indications, of which wines and spirits follow the WTO agreements: TRIPS, Article 23. The history of denominations of origin in Mexico began with the 1958 Lisbon Agreement, of which this country was one of the six signatories. Far from the tradition of denominations of origin, Mexico slowly developed the concept in Latin America using the model of tequila to issue its first law in 1972 recognizing the protection of the Denomination of Origin Tequila.


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