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In Mexico, four categories are used to classify species at risk:

Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-059

Those native Mexican species for whom documentation and studies demonstrate that examples in the wild have disappeared within the country, and of which the only known examples are either in captivity or outwith Mexican territory.

Those species whose range or population size within the country have fallen dramatically, threatening their biological viability throughout their natural habitat, due to factors such as the destruction or drastic modification of habitat, unsustainable harvesting, disease or predation, among others. (This category overlaps with the categories “Critically Endangered” and “Endangered” in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classification).

Those species or populations, which could be in danger of disappearance in the short to medium term, if factors that adversely affect their viability, such as causing damage or modification of habitat or directly reducing the size of their populations, continue to operate. (This category overlaps with the category “vulnerable” in the IUCN classification).

Those species or populations which could be threatened by factors that adversely affect their viability, and which determine the need to facilitate their recovery and preservation or restoration and conservation of populations of species. (This category may include the lower risk categories of the IUCN classification).

Source: Diario Oficial de la Federación. 2002. Norma Oficial Mexicana 059-SEMARNAT-2001 Environmental Protection - native Mexican species of flora and fauna - risk categories and specifications for inclusion, exclusion or change - the list of species at risk. March 6, 2002 Mexico D.F.