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The National Strategy on Biodiversity of Mexico is a series of objectives, strategic lines and actions necessary for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Mexico that several representatives of the sectors of society have proposed as a basis for public policy guidance in this area. Work on the development of the ENBM started since 1997 under the coordination of CONABIO. It has had the financial support of the Trust Fund for Global Environment Facility (GEF), through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The National Strategy was formulated through Consultation Workshops (Process of Strategy Formulation) in which the ideas and opinions of different sectors of Mexican society were discussed (Social Sector, Academic Sector, Private Sector, and Non-Governmental Organization Sector), with the objective of defining the role of each sector in the task of conserving and ensuring the permanence of the biological diversity of the nation. The workshops were conducted with methods of Participatory Planning of Decision Making.

The ENBM, published in 2000, establishes a vision fifty years into the future in which Mexico will have stopped and reversed the processes of environmental degradation that threaten its vast diversity, will have an adequately broad understanding of its biodiversity that will facilitate appropriate decision making to promote an economic development that is harmonious with the conservation of biodiversity. This vision will be achieved through the implementation of the four strategic lines proposed in the ENBM:

1. Protection y conservation
2. Valuing biodiversity
3. Knowledge and information management
4. Diversification of use

Due to the biological and cultural diversity of Mexico, the implementation of the National Strategy must be adapted to different scales and realities. To achieve the goals outlined in the CBD and carry out the actions outlined in this strategy from a federalist perspective, in 2002, CONABIO began the development of the State Strategies for Biodiversity (EEB, for its Spanish acronym) in collaboration with state governments and representatives of various sectors of society. This process takes into account the cultural, geographical, social and biological diversity of Mexico. Undoubtedly, the EEB will be an important planning tool that will conserve and sustainably use the biological diversity specific to each State.