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National Inventory of Mangroves: coverage and distribution (1st stage - Continued)

Moreover, an online directory of mangrove specialists in Mexico was created. This can be found on the CONABIO website, and currently has 124 specialists listed.

CONABIO also organized two meetings to identify mangroves sites of biological importance and in need of ecological rehabilitation at the national scale. These meetings constitute an effort, made by the scientific, governmental and non-governmental communities, with the aim of providing information in the short term, so that the different sectors of society can coordinate and program the immediate actions necessary to enhance protection and rehabilitation in mangrove sites.

Characterization forms will be completed for each one of the 81 sites identified as priorities for their biological importance or need of ecological rehabilitation.

Identification of changes in the spatial distribution of the mangrove (2nd stage)
In this stage, which is still under development, land-use change over a period of approximately 30 years will be evaluated (depending on data availability). The principal agents of transformation that affect this ecosystem will be identified, as well as the processes of fragmentation in the mangroves at the national level. In addition, an exploration of biophysical parameters, such as the Leaf Area Index (LAI) and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), will be conducted using a combination of remote sensing techniques and fieldwork. This will detect temporal changes in the condition of the vegetation in certain selected areas.

Systematic monitoring of the mangrove ecosystem (3rd stage)
With the integration and analysis of the results of the first two stages of the project, it will be possible in the third stage to define the best parameters and indicators to carry out monitoring of the mangroves of Mexico. All the information generated will be made publicly available in the geoportal (Geographic Information System) of CONABIO. With the data generated in the three stages of the project, CONABIO and other interested institutions will have information that is more specific, organized in a systematic manner, and easy to access and interpret, in order to define the actions necessary for the conservation, use and ecological rehabilitation of this ecosystem.

Call to present programs of mangrove monitoring in Mexico
In order to assist in the creation of a monitoring network, in June 2007, CONABIO through its Program of Restoration and Environmental Compensation, launched a call directed towards government agencies, civil associations, universities and research centers, asking for the presentation of programs of mangrove monitoring in Mexico. Four projects are currently under development.